Yeah, after this many years, I have an F’ing attitude!

Some folks think he’s a Mean Old Man. He has a circuitous past, and lots of history. When folks say “old school” they’re talking about him. He’s been around, got in a bit of trouble when he was young. Nothing serious. He keeps a secret, lots of them. He loves the women in his life, and would take a bullet for his friends. He holds his liquor, and usually his tongue . . .  to a point. He won’t start anything, but god knows if push him a bit too far, he’ll finish it. He’s been heard to say “She’s my daughter. I love her more than life itself. Don’t screw with me son.”

Deep down though, he’s a pretty good guy. He believes in doing what’s right, even when no one’s looking. Realizing that you have more history than future, and you better make the most out of the little time that’s left. He’s the kind of guy you wish was your neighbor. Maybe even your dad. Hell, he might be . . .

Favorite Pastime: Fishing off Useppa Island, FL

Cars: 1964 MG, 1980 Jeep CJ7

Favorite Shoes: 20 year old Tony Lama Ostrich Leather Boots

Drink: Good Vodka or Great Bourbon

Residence: Horse farm on the Gulf Coast

First Tattoo: Flying fish, reminds him of Catalina Island

Watch: Rolex Explorer / Casio Dive

Nickname: Lucky 69 (it’s complicated)

Boat: 42’ Hatteras Motoryacht

Favorite Game: Gin Rummy for cash

He’s been known to quote one of his buddies when he asks “how many good weekends do you have left?” as he slides away from the dock on a boat for a few hours of fishing in the middle of the day.

He doesn’t have a lot a patience anymore (never did), and he won’t take a lot of crap. He misses the friends that are gone. He can be a little cynical. His favorite response to dumb comments is just one word, “Really?” It took him years to get like this. Like his weathered skin, his soul has a patina formed from decades of enjoying life. He’s a lot more than a mean old man, but that’s just how he comes across. And that’s fine with him . . .

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Sarasota, FL 34236